Even if your carpets don’t look dirty, the fibers act as magnets for microscopic germs, oil, pet dander, grime, and a bunch of other nasty things you probably don’t want to think about. Sure, you may vacuum once or twice a week, and maybe you have one of those fancy vacuum cleaners that has a special HEPA filter and yada yada yada, but not even the best vacuum cleaner on the market will remove all of the dirt, germs, and bacteria that a professional carpet cleaning will. Here’s some more dirt on carpets:

Salmonella and the virus that causes the stomach flu can survive on unclean carpets for up to a month
Humans shed over a million skin flakes an hour, and guess where most of them end up? Lodged in the fibers of your carpet.
Several pounds of dirt will accumulate in and under your carpet within the next year.
An average toilet seat is 4000 times cleaner than the average carpet. Whoa!
Bed bugs live and thrive in carpet fibers, and are extremely difficult to get rid of. Fleas also love carpet and will make theirselves right at home to breed and lay eggs.
Carpets are great for allergy sufferers because they trap all of the dirt and allergens that would normally be floating through the air. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, though, allergy symptoms will grow incredibly worse.
Vacuuming can actually be hazardous to your health, especially if you have allergies or breathing problems. Have you ever noticed the air blowing out of the vacuum cleaner as you are running it? Yeah, that’s air mixed with the dirt and dust you just vacuumed up.
I bet you rethink the five-second rule the next time you drop your food on the floor! Woodland Hills Carpet Cleaning will make sure your carpets aren’t a breeding ground for pests, bacteria, and germs. Help keep your home or business environment as healthy as possible by contacting the best cleaning services Woodland Hills has to offer.